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Resilient Endurance - this is a mastery created for Iron Heroes, for the purpose of allowing you to swap in Con for attack and damage, in the same vein as Weapon Finesse. Conversion rules are provided for general d20 use.


Celestial-Blooded - a small feat I used for the Celestial Disciple class to squeeze Aasimar abilities into the progression. It's a slightly better Awareness, but limited to 1st level only.


Alias - an IH feat chain based off of the Disguise skill. Conversion rules for general d20 use are provided.


ExoticCombatant - Another IH feat mastery, this time for applying your Charisma to attack and damage.


Profound Insight - A mastery designed to add your Wisdom to attack and damage. Officially part of Ironcarnum, but designed to be used outside of it as well.

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