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Aporos' Cavalry - A tiny 3-level class designed for NPCs of a particular mounted anti-goblinoid militia. Still nice for non-Ranger PCs!


Dedicated Sneak Attacker - Another tiny 3-level class that gives the ability to Sneak Attack on creatures normally immune.


Celestial Disciple - The Half-Celestial template, turned into a class. Accommodates Aasimar characters as well.


Mellowship Slinky's Armiger - External link to Google Docs! Mellowship has come up with the Armiger token mechanic to end all Armiger token mechanics, imo. It simultaneously rewards armor *and* shield-focused Armigers, while fixing the "But why don't I just ignore the armored dude and kill the barbarian in the loincloth?" problem in a class-based way, rather than just saying, "Take Power Attack and flank."


Alternate Warlocks - I really like the Warlock class for some reason. The problem is that it's flavor implies that they're evil. People who can't think beyond the book, then, tend to ban it automatically "because they dont' want demons in their game." Here are several reflavorings of the Warlock, removing the evil trappings without changing the mechanics at all.


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